What does the setup fee cover

What does the setup fee cover

Our setup fee covers 2 stages of the process: firstly a risk assessment and advice report, then your cybersecurity setup.


The risk assessment and advice report stage involves our cybersecurity engineers completing an in-depth internal and external vulnerability scan of your entire network and digital assets to identify any existing threats and security issues. 


We provide you a written report of the risk assessment and gap analysis to determine your cyber-risk profile. This report includes customised advice and recommendations based on your specific needs, industry compliance requirements and legal obligations. 


The cybersecurity setup stage involves adding the security protections, including removing any existing threats and plugging security gaps, working directly with you and your staff individually to ensure the security settings fit snugly.


The cybersecurity setup finishes with our engineers testing and checking your protection is in place and fully operational, including ironing out any wrinkles ensuring all staff are settled in.

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