My IT tech says I just need anti-virus software

My IT tech says I just need anti-virus software

Anti-virus software covers less than 20% of the cybersecurity protection your business needs. Things have changed (and so have data privacy laws) which means anti-virus software is not enough anymore. You are now legally obligated to protect your customer’s data.

In addition, your IT support are not experts in cybersecurity. It’s like asking your doctor about a tooth cavity, instead of your dentist. They know a little but are not experts. The reality is, cybersecurity is too complex and time-consuming nowadays for your average IT team.

Our technical team includes highly trained degree qualified cybersecurity engineers with years of experience (many with masters degrees in cybersecurity). They hold industry leading certifications such as CISSP, CEH, CCNA, Security+, Network+ and CWNA which means your business is always provided the very best expert advice.

In fact, we regularly work with IT support teams to ensure cybersecurity protections integrate seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructure.

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    • I don't see a plan that suits me

      No problem. If the plans on our pricing page don't fit your business or situation we can create a custom plan for you. Just contact us to discuss your needs and we'll quote you from there.
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