Does my business really need cybersecurity

Does my business really need cybersecurity

Yes, because 60% of small businesses go broke within 6 months of a major cyber-attack. Without cybersecurity protection your business can be impacted 7 ways: financial loss (fraud), business disruption (lost sales), data loss, reputation damage, post-breach costs, and customer lawsuits. Anti-virus software is not enough anymore.

In addition, data privacy laws now require you protect customer data or face govt fines up to $2.1M. And if you’re self-employed or a company director your personal assets can also be at risk. This means fines and lawsuits can shut down your business permanently even if the hackers don’t.

Our cybersecurity service keeps your business protected from hackers using the latest and best tech adapting as your business and the world around you changes. We provide ongoing advice based on your specific needs, industry compliance requirements and legal obligations. In addition, our monitoring and control centre staff are available 24/7 to support you and your business whenever you need it.
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    • Can I speak to your existing clients

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    • How long does it take to setup

      The risk assessment work takes us around 1-3 days. We only need about 1hr of your time during this period to discuss your situation, gather requirements and confirm relevant systems information. You'll receive a written cyber-risk report along with ...
    • Can I change my plan anytime

      Yes. You can add or subtract from your plan as your needs change or your business grows.
    • I don't see a plan that suits me

      No problem. If the plans on our pricing page don't fit your business or situation we can create a custom plan for you. Just contact us to discuss your needs and we'll quote you from there.